Chantel’s kindergarten

Pre-Kinder Program

Preschool 0-2 years

– Our highly dedicated team have designed a curriculum that focuses on infant preschool education to ensure growing babies get the best start to life. We provide a daily program that entails careful planning and implementation of a play based curriculum.

The nursery is set up in ways to stimulate children’s curiosity. Our nursery teachers ensure the program includes elements of hands on experiences to engage a baby’s sensory development. Food, nutrition and learning all make up a part of the program we promote to our infants.

We endeavour to create home like environments for our baby’s to grow and learn in. We understand that every baby has his or own individual needs for sleep, meal times and play times so our educators carefully follow each child’s needs accordingly.

CK Bumble Bees 2-3 years

Our toddlers are very busy learners here at Chantel’s Kindergarten and our curriculum ensures that it captures the interests of each child. Educators respond to the growing curiosity of our toddlers.

They want to learn more about the world in which we live in. Educators engage our children in a variety of creative and fun experiences to support their developing minds.

Munch & Move makes up a part of our overall curriculum and focuses on physical movement and nutrition.

We ensure that our program includes music and movement, story times and small group activities.

The bumble bees are very active participants in our classroom as they explore, use their imagination and create masterpieces.

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