Chantel’s kindergarten

Our Team


OUR DIRECTOR Mrs Jasmine holds a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education.


Mrs Jasmine is the centres director, Nominated supervisor and Educational leader.


She is a highly experienced teacher with a high level of expertise in early childhood education.


She has contributed to the driven success of Chantel’s Kindergarten and has mentored all her staff to ensure that they deliver an exceptional service to all children and their families.


Mrs Jasmine foresees all the day to day running and operation of the entire centre.

Mrs Lisa

Centre Manager

Mrs Lisa makes up part of the management team here at Chantel’s Kindergarten. She is also the centre’s chef. Mrs Lisa is responsible for the implementation of the centres nutritious menu and meals. Mrs Lisa designs all the centres menu to ensure that we meet all areas of health and nutrition. Mrs Lisa has been with us since 2007 and has a real passion and love for cooking. Mrs Lisa also holds a diploma in Children’s services and she does enjoy working directly with children within our care.

Miss Erin

Team leader & Program coordinator

Miss Erin has been employed at Chantel’s Kindergarten since 2007. Qualified certificate three, Diploma undergrad. Erin is currently our floor certified supervisor in the Butterfly room and looks after the 2-5 year old children. Miss Erin possess many years of experience in the early childhood field. Her commitment and passion towards teaching and caring for young children has allowed her to not only lead staff but to also work with children by engaging them in hands on learning programs.

Miss Kirsty

Assistant manager/ team leader

Miss Kirsty has been employed at Chantel’s Kindergarten since 2007. Miss Kirsty is an advanced Diploma qualified educator. She is second in charge and is currently our floor certified supervisor in the caterpillar room, responsible for the day to day running of the nursery. Miss Kirsty is an experienced educator in the field. Miss Kirsty works side by side with Mrs Jasmine to ensure all our documentation and procedures meet all levels of regulation and procedures. She specialises in infant development and develops a program to ensure all the fundamental key skills are evident.

Miss Katelin

Natural environments facilitator

Miss Katelin works in the butterfly room with our 2-3 year olds. She is also our centres Natural environments facilitator. Miss Katelin brings a fun and happy energy to our room. She is a highly motivated and dedicated member of our team. She is a qualified certificate three and brings with her years of experience and passion. Miss Katelin plans and programs for our toddlers and ensures all our programs meets the Early Years Learning Framework. At Chantel’s Kindergarten, Miss Katelin is responsible for children’s health and safety and is always trying to find innovative ways to promote children’s health.

Miss Caycee

Events coordinator

Miss Caycee is a certificate three trained educator,currently  training in her diploma qualification. She is an inspiring educator here at Chantel’s Kindergarten.

Miss Caycee was voted as a 2015 finalist for the Leader youth award of most outstanding child care centre.

Miss Caycee works in our Butterfly room with preschoolers . She possess a great deal of determination and professionalism.

Miss Caycee assists in program delivery and cares for the day to day needs of young children.

Miss Baillie

Munch & Move organiser

Baillie- Miss Baillie is our centres Munch and Move coordinator. She works in the butterfly room with our toddlers. Miss Baillie works side by side with other teachers to achieve high quality care that integrates teaching and learning. Miss Baillie’s cheerful  and fun teaching strategies has allowed her to develop strong relationships with each and every child in her care.

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