Chantel’s kindergarten

Our Vision

We believe that

Children are unique individuals within the broader community and each child has individual needs, strengths and interests.

Providing exceptional care in a safe, happy and friendly environment is what we strive to do every day.

We believe children should be given ample opportunities to explore, share ideas and take control of their own learning.

Children are collaborative learners and are active adventures, explorers, creators and inventors.

Chantel’s kindergarten has developed a curriculum that supports the fundamental key learning and development for children aged 0-5 years of age.

We believe that it is important to acknowledge every families unique family dynamics and child rearing practices. Families have the right to play a decision making role in their child’s learning and development and thus have their own knowledge, skills and interests incorporated within our centre curriculum. Open and consistent two way communication is a vital component in ensuring

we deliver an exceptional service to children and their families.

 Our service is committed to ensuring that we meet all requirements of health safety and education to young children.

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