Chantel’s kindergarten

Kindergarten Program

Preschool in Sydney

CK Butterflies 3-5 years

Join best preschool in Sydney. Our pre-schoolers enjoy learning in a variety of ways that capture their attention to further develop and refine their skills.

They are decision-makers within our preschool in Sydney, where educators encourage them to make informed decisions about their own learning.

Our curriculum incorporates aspects of school readiness preparation; Munch & Move (healthy eating & physical activity), Road safety education and we even learn a language here at Chantel’s Kindergarten.

Our early childhood educators plan exciting projects to capture children’s current interests, home and community experiences.

Our pre-schoolers are learning how to write their names, count and even read so that they are ready to take on big school experiences.

Our butterfly children are highly capable, resourceful and valued within our centre and are encouraged to drive our curriculum in ways that are meaningful to them.

The butterflies love to sing and dance and even play instruments. They create magnificent creations using many types of art and craft materials and resources.

Throughout all our centre programs, a strong emphasis on The Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework is implemented as a guide and practice. Our butterflies love learning French and communicating to one another using simple key words such as bonjour, Au Revoir and other simple French words. Our school readiness program is a comprehensive school prep program which introduces aspects from early stage one of kindergarten. Each child will have his/her own work book so that teachers and staff can keep record of each child’s progress.
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