Chantel’s kindergarten


How do we know it’s the right centre for my child and our family?

We always say you should have a good sense of comfort as soon as you have walked through the front door to view the centre. First impressions are extremely important in ensuring you are making the right decisions. It is also important to feel like you have had all your questions answered to your satisfaction. It is crucial to ensure that whatever it is that is important to you and your family is being met at the centre you choose for your child.
Some questions to ask yourself-
1. Were the educators friendly and informative?
2. Were all my questions answered to my satisfaction ?
3. Can I see my child learning at this centre.
4. Can I see that my child’s individual needs will be met on a daily basis.
5. Does the centre philosophy meet some of my own personal beliefs
6. Am I happy with what the centre offer the children?
7. How will essential information be communicated to me as a parent? And am I happy with the systems currently in place.

My child has never been in care how will the centre help settle them into the new environment and make me feel comforted as a parent?

Starting childcare can be a daunting experience for many children and families. Our aim is to ensure that we make it a smooth transition for your child.

We encourage families to commence care doing shorter days so that your child understands that mummy or daddy will always come back to pick them up.

We also feel it is important to always say good bye to your child and reassure them that you will be back soon to pick them up.

Using positive words and words of affirmation will always put your child at ease. Don’t forget to smile and give you child a big cuddle and kiss!

We encourage families to contact the centre at any time they wish to check up on their child to put their minds at ease.

Do I need to pack any food for my child?

No. Chantel’s kindergarten will provide all your child’s meals. We cater for Breakfast, Morning tea, lunch, dessert and afternoon tea. All meals are made fresh on a daily basis, on our premise using seasonal produce. Mrs Lisa has more than 15 years’ experience making delicious, healthy and nutritious food for little tummies.

What essential items do I need to pack in my child’s bag?

Children only need a small bag to fit their essential items. These include:
• 3-4 changes of spare clothes
• Bed sheets
• A sun smart hat
• A water bottle
• Comfort toy if needed
• Nappies
• Dummies/bottles if needed.

I am concerned about my child’s development, what do I do?

We are here to help! If you are concerned about your child’s learning it is always advisable to discuss this with our centres Early childhood teacher. She will be able to note down your concerns and give you helpful advice and point you to the right professionals if needed. We have many centre resources that can also support families. Our educators are very well in tune with child development and will always be sure to work closely with you and your child in all aspects of their learning.

How do you plan activities for my child?

Our educators are extremely pro-active in planning experiences rather than isolated activities for your child. We keep a look out for current interests, home and community experiences and we assess their learning to ensure we plan experiences that are relevant and meaningful to them. We believe that interest based learning is the best way for young children to learn. We love involving families in their child’s education and we will often follow up experiences from what the children are doing within their home environment. For examples: if we have a child visit the farm, we may do a farm project for the children, if a child has visited the beach, we may discuss beach safety and sun safety, If a child has had a birthday party, we may have our very own kindy party to follow up. We believe in rich and meaningful learning for our children.

What are you operating hours and closure periods?

We open from Monday to Friday from 7am-6pm. We are open 50 weeks a year and close only for two weeks over the Christmas period.

How do you build relationships and partnerships with the children and families?

We are a small centre! which means we are able to offer each and every child in our care, responsive, one-on-one care and education. We give ample time to each child so that they can be heard. Our staff listen to children and empower them to take control of their own learning. Educators plan for your child! It is personal and it is receptive to the children we teach. Our children and families drive the very core of our curriculum and program. It is about them and not about anything else. We pride ourselves on the exclusive care we provide and the relationships we have developed with all children and families.

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