Chantel’s kindergarten

The importance of parent involvement

Importance of Parent Involement

Promoting partnerships with families and involving them within our centre is extremely important to us here at Chantel’s Kindergarten.

We believe that parents are the child’s first teachers and of course every family knows their child best. In order for our teachers to actively respond to each child’s needs, routines and interests we feel like it is important to build solid relationships with families from the very beginning. “Learning outcomes are most likely to be achieved when educators work in partnership with families and communities” (Early Years Learning Framework, page 12)

We feel that effective collaboration with families allows us to build children up into independent and happy children.

We encourage families to come into our centre and share aspects of their home and community experiences.

We just love it when parents come in to the centre and get involved with simple things like art and craft, reading and storytelling, cooking and even sewing.

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